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R U Ready To Learn

The following is adapted from Independent Studies: Readiness to Learn. Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo. Again, be as honest as you possibly can when responding. Give yourself 4 if you believe yourself to be Excellent, 3 if you believe yourself to be Good. If you are Adequate you are a 2 and 1 if you are Poor. Anything that you rate yourself 1 or 2 on indicates something that you might want to get help in trying to improve. For example, your university probably has a student assistance centre from which you can obtain coaching and/or skills training for free. Upgrading yourself in thosenareas in which you have a weakness is one of the ways you can succeed.

Life Skills: Organize your time and resources, work with others, support network available.
Independence: Autonomy, self-motivation, self-reliance, resourcefulness, initiative and judgement.
"Basic" Skills: Literacy, numeracy, graphicity, computer literacy, etc.
Info Skills: Find info using libraries; abstracts; community resources; interpreting data, charts, tables, timetables, etc.
Study Skills: Organize material for projects, note-taking & reading for different purposes, understanding assignment requirements.
Learning to Learn: Aware of task demands, self-knowledge of learning preferences, aware of learning process, self-evaluation.
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Planning: Ability to design a plan for learning, carry out that plan systematically & sequentially.
Problem Development: Formulate questions that are answerable through various research activities (projects, library, readings).
Analytics Skills: Select & use most effective means of acquiring info, analyse & organise info, ability to select most relevant and reliable info sources.
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Communication Skills: Write reports, essays, instructions, discourse, display data, etc.
Evaluation Skills: Collect evidence of accomplishments & have it evaluated, ability to accept constructive feedback from others.
Competition Skills: Identify problem areas, revise work, commitment to completing units and program.
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